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Ganesh Siddhi Mantras for Jaap

  Ganesha Mantras are full of energy and power of Lord Ganesha and these mantras when chanted with genuine devotion removes obstacles and troubles in life and blesses with success and prosperity. Ganesh Mantras are also referred to as Siddhi Mantras and can remove depression, confusion, jealousy and fear from our minds.

Ganesh Siddhi Mantras are very powerful Mantras which can be used in Jaap to attain success, knowledge and fulfillment of wishes. This mantras are repeated in multiples of 108 and chanted using a Rudraksha Japa Mala with utmost devotion concentrating on the meaning of the mantra and visualizing the Elephant God.
  • Aum Shri Ganeshaya Namah
  • Aum Gam Ganapataye Namah
  • Aum Vakratundaya Hum
  • Aum Kshipra Prasadaya Namah
  • Aum shrim hrim klim glaum gam ganapataye vara varada sarva janamme vashamanaya svaha
  • Aum Ekadantaya namah
  • Aum sumukhaya Namah
  • Aum kapilaya Namah
  • Aum gajakarnikaya namah
  • Aum lambodaraya namah
  • Aum Vikataya Namah
  • Aum Vigna Nashanaya Namah
  • Aum Vinayakaya Namah
  • Aum Ganadhyakshaya Namah
  • Aum Bhalachandraya Namah


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The Chant of Ganesh


When most people hear of Tantra, they immediately think of sex. The first popular books on Tantra in English, written by "Arthur Avalon" (Sir Thomas Woodroffe), appeared in England toward the end of the sexually repressive Victorian era. However, even during that period it was considered permissable to openly discuss the sexuality of mysterious, dark-skinned foreigners. Although Avalon's books only briefly discussed sexuality, salons were filled with surprisingly explicit talk about how his books revealed what "those people" did and how they did it, helping to relieve the repression while feeding their myth of racial superiority and the "White Man's Burden".
 In fact, Tantra is no more exclusively about sex than Paganism is exclusively about the Great Rite. Like Western Paganism - from which much of the dominant religion of the West, Christianity, is taken - the roots of Tantra go back a least 5,000-10,000 years. Many Tantric spiritual concepts have been absorbed into the major religions of the area, Hinduism and Buddhism.
 In the U.S. Tantra began to grow in popularity as a result of two things, the birth control pill (and the resulting "sexual revolution") and the influence of Rajneesh (now called Osho) and his students (and their students). The result has been that Rajneesh's version of Tantra, what he called "Neo-Tantra", is now identified with Tantra per se. As Georg Feuerstein noted in his book on Tantra, a Tantric from India might not even recognize what is taught in the U.S. as Tantra as being anything Tantric.
 Traditional Tantra is a complete Pagan spiritual system. Most Eastern mystical concepts can be directly traced to the early Tantrics or what I call "proto-Tantrics", including (hatha) yoga, the chakras, kundalini energy, etc. Indirectly we can trace Kung Fu (and those martial arts derived from it), acupuncture, massage, and even Feng Shui to ancient Tantric practices. Traditional Tantra features gods and goddesses, magical practices, seasonal celebrations, etc. Just as many people in the U.S. have found a home in Paganism from all over the world, I think that Traditional Tantra may eventually hold a place in the supermarket of Paganism, too.

One of the important magical aspects of Tantra focuses on the impact of sound. In fact, there is a saying that "There is no Tantra without mantra". Six of the major chakras are each seen as lotuses with a certain number of petals. The total number of petals on all the lotuses is fifty, matching the number of letters in the Sanskrit alphabet. Indeed, each petal has a letter assigned to it.
 The alphabet of Sanskrit is called the Devanagari alphabet, and each letter is called a matrika or little goddess. Special letter combinations are considered to be a deity in sound form. Note that I did not say a symbol of or a representation of a diety. Rather, the sound is the deity itself.
 Needless to say, deities are considered powerful. Just saying properly formed sounds, words, or phrases is also considered powerful. Such sounds, words, or phrases are called mantras. Please note that a mantra is not just any ol' words thrown together and repeated.

All sound has an effect on the things around it. This is known as resonance. One of the most famous examples of this consists of playing certain notes on a violin near a piano, resulting in some of the piano strings beginning to vibrate and make a sound.

Most words and sounds are simply random. But certain ones, mantras, have great power. They can cause surpirsingly powerful changes in your physical body, the environment around you, your non-physical bodies (or koshas) and the spiritual planes that interpenetrate our world.
The most famous mantra is probably om or aum. It is considered so important that there is a special additional Sanskrit letter, the omkara, to indicate the sound. When repeating longer mantras, you will frequently begin and end with the om. 
 The most popular mantra in India is probably the Gayatri (pronounced "guy-a-tree") mantra. There are many varations of it, but it is little known in the West. Here in the U.S., thanks to the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, the "Hare Krishna" mantra is better known. In this article, however, I would like to introduce you to a short mantra you can use, the mantra of Ganesh. 

 Ganesh (sometimes spelled Ganesha, but usually pronounced "gah-nesh") is also known as Ganapati. Being the son of Parvati and Shiva, he is definitely a Tantric deity. One myth is that Shiva (who is the highest teacher or adiguru of Tantra) wouldn't reveal any of the secrets of Tantra to his beloved wife, Parvati. But she discovered a time when he would be weak enough to reveal the secrets...during sex! So as they made love, she would ask him about the spiritual secrets of Tantra and he would reveal them. Ganesh, hidden in the shadows, would write it all down. This is the metaphoric source of the supposed 108 classic books known as "The Tantras".

 In this sense, then, Ganesh has similarities to the gods Mercury or Thoth. He brings writing and knowledge. But he is most often known as the "Breaker of Obstacles". This does not mean that if something blocks your way to success that appealing to Ganesh will result in your thundering through your opposition like some great juggernaut (a word derived from the name of a Hindu deity Jaganath). Rather, Ganesh breaks obstacles by working around them. He may not help you fix a relationship, but He might help you find a new one. He might not get you a raise at work, but you might get a job offer from another company for more money. Ganesh is a warrior, but is not into fighting for fighting's sake. Indeed, that is why he lost his head and it had to be replaced with the head of a elephant. Rather, He helps you find other ways of overcoming obstacles. The real obstacles He breaks are those which prevent you from recognizing alternative solutions.
 Ganesh is very popular, even among mainstream Hindus. Most worship rituals, no matter the deity they are focused toward, usually begin with a call to Ganesh. Most shops will have a statue or painting of the fat, elephant-headed, one-tusked deity near the door. He is one kewl dude.
by Donald Michael Kraig 
 from Circle Magazine Issue #92

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The Nature of Lord Ganesha

  • TRIAD OF THREE GREAT PILLARS have held Hinduism high, century after century:the sat gurus, the temples and the scriptures.Together they echo the greatness of the loving God Ganesha, the Lord of Dharma, son of Siva. For untold millennia our rishis and sages have proclaimed the profound depths of the mind, assuring us that we, too, can and must come to know God and the Gods. It is the living presence of these satgurus and their spoken teachings which has brought to life the traditional practices and philosophy of the Sanâtana Dharma. Now we shall delve into the nature of Lord Ganesha, what He is like, what functions this great God performs and find out how each seeker can make Him a vital part of daily life’s path of experience.
  • Once a psychic connection is made with Lord Ganesha—
    the Deity who manifests in several forms, including the elephant-headed Lord of Categories and Remover of Obstacles—one is brought slowly into the mysteries of the Sanâtana Dharma. Such an inner connection, which can be as subtle as a feeling, as tenuous as a dream or as bold as a personal visit, is also an entering into one’s own mûlâdhâra chakra, governed by the planet Mercury, for every opening into a new chakra is also an introduction to the Deity who governs that state of consciousness and the planet to which that chakra is connected.
  • The Sanâtana Dharma, known today as Hinduism, is the only living religion on the planet that does not look to a human founder for its source of inspiration, scripture or historical beginning. It is timeless and ageless. Sanâtan Dharma, the root religion of humankind, looks inward for its origins, into the subtle, super conscious realms within the microcosm, which it calls the Kâranaloka, Sivaloka or Third World. This great religion has no single organized headquarters on the material plane. Nor does it have a one hierarchy. Who then is in charge of Hinduism? Why, it is none other than our loving Ganesha! He doesn’t live inRome, nor in Salt Lake City. Lord Ganesha lives simultaneously every where Hindus worship and pray within themselves. He doesn’t have to be reappointed from time to time, because yugas and yugas ago He was permanently and irrevocablyappointed when He was created for this work.
(E-book, Loving Ganesha, Sathyaguru Subramuniyaswami)

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Meaning of Lord Ganesha's Body Parts

Lord Ganesha 

Lord Ganesha is the Hindu deity in a human form but with the head of an elephant - represents the power of the Supreme Being that removes obstacles and ensures success in human endeavors. For this reason, Hindus worship Ganesha first before beginning any religious, spiritual or worldly activity. In Hindu mythology, Lord Ganesha is the first son of Lord Shiva and the Divine Mother Parvati. Their second son is Lord Subramanya and their daughter is Jyoti. As explained below, the portrayal of Lord Ganesha as the blend of human and animal parts symbolizes the ideals of perfection as conceived by Hindu sages and illustrates some philosophical concepts of profound spiritual significance.

  • Elephant head, wide mouth, and large ears: the large head of an elephant symbolizes wisdom, understanding, and a discriminating intellect that one must possess to attain perfection in life. The wide mouth represents the natural human desire to enjoy life in the world. The large ears signify that a perfect person is the one who possesses a great capacity to listen to others and assimilate ideas.
  • The trunk and two tusks with the left tusk broken: there is no known human instrument that has an operating range as wide as that of an elephant's trunk. It can uproot a tree and yet lift a needle off the ground. Likewise, the human mind must be strong enough to face the ups and downs of the external world and yet delicate enough to explore the subtle realms of the inner world. The two tusks denote the two aspects of the human personality, wisdom and emotion. The right tusk represents wisdom and the left tusk represents emotion. The broken left tusk conveys the idea that one must conquer emotions with wisdom to attain perfection.
  • Elephant eyes: the elephant eyes are said to possess natural deceptiveness that allows them to perceive objects to be bigger than what they really are. Thus the elephant eyes symbolize the idea that even if an individual gets "bigger and bigger" in wealth and wisdom, he should perceive others to be bigger than himself; that is, surrender one's pride and attain humility.
  • The four arms and various objects in the four hands: the four arms indicate that the Lord is omnipresent and omnipotent. The left side of the body symbolizes emotion and the right side symbolizes reason. An axe in the upper left hand and a lotus in the upper right hand signify that in order to attain spiritual perfection, one should cut worldly attachments and conquer emotions. This enables one to live in the world without being affected by earthly temptations, just as a lotus remains in water but is not affected by it. A tray of Laddus (a popular snack) near the Lord denotes that He bestows wealth and prosperity upon His devotees. The lower right hand is shown in a blessing pose, which signifies that Ganesha always blesses His devotees.
  • A human body with a big belly: the human body possesses a human heart, which is a symbol of kindness and compassion toward all. Ganesha's body is usually portrayed wearing red and yellow clothes. Yellow symbolizes purity, peace and truthfulness. Red symbolizes the activity in the world. These are the qualities of a perfect person who perforrns all duties in the world, with purity, peace, and truthfulness. The big belly signifies that a perfect individual must have a large capacity to face all pleasant and unpleasant experiences of the world.
  • A mouse sitting near the feet of Ganesha and gazing at the tray of Laddus: a mouse symbalizes the ego that can nibble all that is good and noble in a person. A mouse sitting near the feet of Ganesha indicates that a perfect person is one who has conquered his (or her) ego. A mouse gazing at the Laddus, but not consuming them, denotes that a purified or controlled ego can live in the world without being affected by the worldly temptations. The mouse is also the vehicle of Ganesha, signifying that one must control ego in order for wisdom to shine forth.
  • Right foot dangling over the left foot: as stated above, the left side of the body symbolizes emotion and the right side symbolizes reason and knowledge. The right foot dangling over the left foot illustrates that in order to live a successful life one should utilize knowledge and reason to overcome emotions.

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Ganesh Secrets of Success - (13) - Powerful Ganesh Feet Worship Mantra (Part 2)

What is the Order?

  • Now you know several mantras of Lord Ganesh. Therefore how to chant them in orderly? What is the order? You may have this kind of question in your mind. I want to tell that there is no any order of chanting mantras. You can chant them or sing them in your own order but chant the Mool Mantra first.Maha Ganpati Mool Mantra is the first one you should chant and then you can sing others in any order.


  • By this feet worship mantra we do not ask or request anything from Ganesh. We offer our noble gratitude, devotion and respect for Lord Ganesha through this mantra. We expect the love and confidence from Ganpati by chanting and foot worshiping.
  • Because we should not request always from Ganpati as : "please give me this.. please give me that.. ". That means we should not show the greediness for Ganesh. Then any God will be displeasure or disgust on us. You can see the Tamils do not request always but they always give prasadam (pooja). But you know all others offer things for Ganesh but if those request are not succeeded, they scold or blame Ganesh. Please do not be like that.
  • Please keep in mind that this is not a mantra which can be used to request something. This is one of the mantras which shows our piety and devotion for Ganpati. Thus we would be able to have Lord Ganesha's love and attraction to stay more close to Ganesh. I love feet worship mantra a lot because it admires Ganesh Deva a lot.  

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Ganesh Secrets of Success - (13) - Powerful Ganesh Feet Worship Mantra (Part 1)

Powerful Ganesh Foot Worship Mantra

Ganesh Feet Worshiping

  • Devas (God) are the ones who has done huge amount of meritorious deeds then had the their next birth in heaven. Ganapati is also like that and Ganesh Deva is one of the most powerful god in heaven. If you chant this powerful mantra while touching and worshiping Ganesha's feet, he will be more and more lovable to you. Every god like to be worshiped with foot touching and we get more and more blessings from them. They will be satisfied about us when we are doing this. Devas are the ones who had lot of merits. So that we should respect them a lot.
  • When we are worshiping, if we can chant mantras that will be a more effective and successful worshiping. For that, there is a feet worship mantra. This Mantra is somewhat popular but the correct and accurate method of worshiping cannot be found in anywhere else. I am going to explain the correct method of worshiping for the first time.


  1. First you have to worship.
  2. Then touch Ganesha's feet from your both hands.
  3. Now, While worshiping (Both hands together) chant this Indian mantra.
  4. Again touch feet of Ganesha.
  5. Finally worship again.
  • You can find the meaning of this mantra in my blog- powerful-ganesh-feet-worship-mantra.html#links. But you do not need to chant the meaning of this mantra which I have mentioned in "Mantra" tab of my blog. I posted the meaning of this mantra to give a better understanding about what you are going to say. If you chant this mantra without knowing the meaning it will be an empty word chanting. Therefore keep in your mind, Ganpati does not like to hear empty words. So you have to understand the meaning from the bottom of your heart and tell it. Otherwise no use of chanting it like singing birds.

When to Chant

  • There is not any specific time to chant this mantra. You can chant this anytime. In the morning, evening or at night or at anytime, when you worship Ganesh, when you chanting other Mantras, you can chant this too.
  • When you feel love on Ganesh, when walk close to the Ganesh statue at home, before you engage in an important task or business, before travel somewhere, you can chant this foot worship mantra.
  • Before chant this mantra it is better to chant the Mool Mantra first. Then you will receive more attention from Ganesh Deva. Mool Mantra can be found in my blog - Maha Ganpati Mool Mantra

Powerful Ganesh Feet Worship Mantra

Powerful Ganesh Feet Worship Mantra


Mushika Wahana Modaka Hasta
Chamara Karna Vilambana Sutra
Vamana Roopa Maheshwara Putra
Vigna Vinayaka Paada Namaste


I am worshiping feet of Lord Ganpati whose vehicle is a mouse; who has carried a plate of sweet Modak (Ganesha's favourite food); who has got huge ears like hand fans; who is wearing a long sacred thread; whose body is short; whose son of God Maheshwara or Shiva; who removes all the obstacles.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Power of Ganesh - (10) - " Ganpati Saved me from a terrible accident"

Name:- Sithara Sangeeth Dissanayake
Address   :- No:01/A, "Isansu", Polgolla, Kandy, Sri Lanka.

"I'm a Ganesh devotee. In 2012 December my horoscope said that I will have to face an accident, so I should be careful about that. Because of that after I worship Ganesh with red flowers, incense and a coin, I used to say "please Lord Ganesha protect me from accidents all the time when I am traveling and please give your blessings". After I got a new job I board in a new place in Kurunegala. Owners of that house also interested in feng shui and worship Ganesh. On 11th December 2012, when I was in the town, suddenly a motor bike came without break and clashed into the right side of my car. Only vehicles was damaged and no one get injured. Not even single scratch for human. I saved from that terrible accident because of Lord Ganesha's blessings.
Those are rainy days and a heavy rain falls in Kurunegala town. The last day I had to work is 22nd of December but I couldn't go home without my car. Because I hadn't told about this accident to my family members. The place which I had delivered my vehicle to repair couldn't finish repairing it because of the rain. I stayed with a great hope in my mind until 22nd with the idea of going home. But when I woke up in the morning it was still raining.
Suddenly I remembered Ganesh after I had a wash but at that time there were not any way to find red flowers. Then I lit an incense stick, offered a coin, played mool mantra via my mobile and said " today is the last day for repairing my car before vacation but this rain is an obstacle for it. I want your blessings". At the end of the playing of mool mantra, I looked through the window and the rain has disappeared while sun was shining in the sky. At once I asked a red flower to offer Ganesh from aunty of my boarding place. Aunty also said " son, you worshiped ganesh. no? I thought it because the rain has disappeared". At that day all of us felt the power of Lord Ganesh very well.
On 27, January 2013 we gave an alms giving for an elders' house because it was my birthday. I wished to receive those merits to Lord Ganesha. I tell about God Ganpati with a great devotion and happiness".

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Power of Ganesh - (9) - "My mother won 2 lotteries with the blessings of Ganesh"

Name     :- Veronica Perera
Address :- No: 21A, Welikanda, Kandy.

"I am going to explain about one of the wonderful experience of my mother. My mother is R.M.K. Sriyalatha. She is also worshiping Ganesh almost always. My mother is a buddhist. My mother buys lotteries on somedays.
One day she has bought a lottery while thinking about Ganapati and for that lottery, she won a prize of Rs.1000. By that money, my mother bought a Ganesh statue and books,pencils, pens for a poor child. After few days, in the same way she won Rs.1000 again. We wondered a lot and we were so happy about that. We always give merits for Ganesh Dewa and we have pasted Mantras on the wall where we have kept the Ganesh statue. We sing them loudly while worshiping."

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Power of Ganesh - (8) - " The Lost Identity Card"

Name     :- Veronica Perera
Address :- No: 21A, Welikanda, Kandy.

"One day I went to bank to withdraw some money. After 3 weeks, I wanted to withdraw money again. I checked my ID before go to bank in a hurry but it was not in my pocket. I was afraid a lot because I will have to face so many problems with the lost ID. I remembered Lord Ganesh and suddenly asked "please Lord Ganesh remind me the place where I have kept my ID, even give me a clue or wisdom about the place".
I requested like that in my mind. Then the magical thing happened. On the same day, when I was sleeping at night I saw a dream that I was transacting in the bank. Next morning I told about the dream to my husband and he told me, may be I have forgotten it in the bank when I visited last time. One of my husband's cousin worked at that bank. Therefore in next morning my husband went to meet that cousin to ask about my ID. At last she had kept my ID safely and I thanked God Ganapati and I felt a great devotion from the bottom of my heart. I worship Ganesh everyday and offer flowers, incense sticks. All my family members are doing these things and sometimes we joke and telling funny things while rubbing Lord Ganesha's tusk. We tell our needs and wants and exchange every stuff with Ganesha. Actually all of us receive Lord Ganesha's blessings".

Power of Ganesh (7) - "I am Catholic, but Ganesh came in my dreams"

Name     :- Veronica Perera
Address :- No: 21A, Welikanda, Kandy.

"I came to know about Ganesh through Feng shui magazines and then we arranged a new place for Ganesh in our home. Everyday we offered flowers, incense sticks. Then we attended to exam seminar of master Asiri Wanigaratne in 2012 and then we came to know about milk rice and jaggery.
We learned that it is one of the favourite food of Ganesh. After the exam seminar I remembered Ganesh a lot and I was eager to know more and more about Lord Ganesh. I started to chant Ganesh mantra, songs. After that everyday Ganesh came in my dreams. I am really happy about this because I am a catholic and this experience is amazing"

Ganapati-Ganesh in Purple Abstract Background Wallpaper-1366x768

Ganapati-Ganesh in Purple Abstract Background  Wallpaper-1366x768

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Ganapati-Ganesh in Mosaic Baackground Wallpaper - 1366x768

Ganapati-Ganesh in Mosaic Baackground Wallpaper - 1366x768

OM - Aum and Ganesh

  • Ganesha is identified with the Hindu mantra Aum or Om. The term -Om is in "his" form), when identified with Ganesha, refers to the notion that he personifies the primal sound. The
  • Ganapathi Atharvashirsa attests to this association, which refers to as under (O Lord Ganapati!) You are (the Trinity) Brahma Vishnu and Maheswara. You are Indra andYou are Agni and You are the sun and the moon You are (the three worlds) Bhuloka [earth],Antariksha-loka [space], and Swargaloka [heaven]. You are Om. (That is to say, You are allthis).Some devotees see similarities between the shape of Ganesha's body in iconography and the shape of Aum in the Devanagari and Tamil scripts.
  • It is said that Ganesha was born when the eternal couple contemplated on AUM. If you view Lord Ganesha sideways, then you will see the symbol AUM in sanskrit. That's why Ganesha is called Aumkara and worshipped first. AUM is Pranava. What is meant by Pranava?(Pra is short for prakriti and navam means excellent boat) That is, AUM is the way to cross the ocean of worldly existence.
  • Look at the image on top. Lord Ganesha is both within form and beyond form. As "within form", He is most commonly depicted as a strange composite of elephant and man, generally mounted on a mouse with four arms. However as "beyond form" He represents the Pranava (AUM) which is the symbol of the Supreme Self. If you view Lord Ganesha sideways as shown above, you will see the symbol "AUM" in Sanskrit. That's why Ganesha is called "Aumkara" and worshiped first by all Hindus regardless of their belief in God with form or without form.
  • Taitiriya Upanishad (1.8.1.) states: "AUM ITI BRAHMAN -AUM is God”. This further explains the practice of invoking Lord Ganesha before beginning any rite or undertaking any project.

Friday, June 14, 2013

We Experienced the Power of Ganesh - (1) - "All the Rats Started to Scream"

  • On right, This is, Mihiranga Fernando, my ever loving boyfriend and I'm going to say about his first experience of Lord Ganesh. It was 05th June, 2013 and he received this Ganesh statue (right side) as a gift from my mother. My mother bought it few days before and however there weren't any particular place to keep it. Because of that reason she gave her Ganesh statue as a present to Mihiranga. He came to his boarding place with that statue at about 1 a.m. Actually he didn't know the power of Ganesh well and we all didn't experienced much about the power by that. But I knew little more because I had started this blog and was searching and reading so many experiences.
  • Anyhow at that day he had a wash and going to settle Ganesh statue in his room. Then when he was staring at Ganesh statue for few minutes, All the rats (mice) had started to scream loudly. The specialty is all at once. He said that he doesn't know how all mice came and shouted like that. He was shocked and settled Ganesh statue as soon as possible and you can see in the image Ganesh statue and the oil lamp which had been lighten for Ganesh. He said that it was a miracle and all the rats never screamed that much loudly at the same time. At about 5 a.m. he called me and told this incident and I didn't noticed the most special thing until he made me understand. That was "the rat is the vehicle of Lord Ganesh". My mother and me also wondered a lot after hearing this wonderful incident. However after this incident my mother, my boyfriend and I understood the power of Lord Ganesh and day by day we are having more and more wonderful incidents to tell about Ganesh. The image here on right side is the first photograph which was taken by my boyfriend when he was worshiping Ganesh. Lord Ganesha will always be with us and make our lives happy by filling all our hearts with love.
  • Nowadays all of us worshiping Ganesh in every morning and evening with red flowers, incense sticks, sweet foods and a coin. All of us have Devine chants of Ganesh CD and we play it in every morning and evening.

Ganapati Atharvasheersha Lyrics

Om bhadram karne vishra nayama dewaha
bhadram pashye maaksha dirya jathraha
sthirey rangey eesthush tuwa gum sthanubihi
nyashewa dewahi thamyada yuhu

swasthi nayindru vridrashwa waha
swasthi na bhushaa wishwa wethaha
swasthi nasthaak sho arishtha ne mihi
swasthi nobra gas patha galathum

om shanthi shanti shanthihi...

Namste Ganpataye
Tvameva Pratyaksham Tatvamasi
Tvamev Kevalam Kartasi
Tvamev Kevalam Dhartasi
Tvamev Kevlam Hartasi
Tvamev Sarvam Khalvidam Bramhasi
Tvam Sakshadat masi Nityam || 1 ||

Rritam Vachmi
Satyam Vachmi || 2 ||

Ava tvam Mam
Ava Vaktaram
Ava Shrotaram
Ava Dataram
Ava Dhataram
Ava nucha nam va Shishyam
Ava Pascha tat
Ava Puras tat
Avo Uttara tat
Ava Dakshina tat
Ava chordhva tat
Ava Dhara tat
Sarvatomam Pahi Pahi Samantat || 3 ||

Tvam Vangmaya stvam Chinmaya
Tvam Anandmaya stvam Bramhamaya
Tvam Sachita nanda Dvitiyosi
Tvam Pratyaksham Bramhasi
Tvam Jnanmayo Vijnana mayo Asi || 4 ||

Sarvam Jagadidam Tatvo Jayate
Sarvam Jagadidam Tvat Sti Shastati
Sarvam Jagadidam Tvay Layamesyati
Sarvam Jagadidam Tvayi Pratyeti
Tvam Bhumi Rapo Nalo Nilo Nabaha
Tvam Chatvarim Vak Padaini || 5 ||

Tvam Guna Traya A titaha
Tvam mamastya A titaha
Tvam Deha Treya A titaha
Tvam Kala Treya A titaha
Tvam Avastreya A titaha
Tvam Muladhar Stiti Yosi Nityam
Tvam Shakti Treya A tmakaha
Tvam Yogino Dhayayanti Nityam
Tvam Bramhastvan, Vishnustvam, Rudrastvam, Indrastvam
 Agnistvam, Vayustvam, Suryastvam, Chndra mastvam,
Bramha Bhur Bhu va Svorom || 6 ||

Ganadim Purvamuchcharaya Varnadim Tada Nantaram
Anusvara Paratarah
Ard hendu Lasitam
Taren Hridam
Etatva Manu Svarupam
Gakarah Purva Rupam
Akaro Madhyama Rupam
Anu Svaraschantya Rupam
Bindu Rutara Rupam
Nadah Sandhanam
Sagm Hitaa Sandihi
Saisha Ganeshvidhya
Ganal Rishi; Nichrud Gayatri chandah
Ganpatir devata
Om 'GUNG' Ganpataye Namah || 7 ||

Ek Dantaya Vid Mahe vakra Tundaya Dhimahi
Tanno danti Prachodayat || 8 ||

Ek Dantam Chatur Hastam
Pashmam Kusha Dharinam
Radam cha Vardam Hastair
Bhi Bhranum Mushaka Dhvajam
Raktam Lambodaram
Shoorpakarnkam Rakta Vasasamam
Raktam Gandhanu Liptangam
Rakta Pushpaihi saupujitam
Bhaktanu Kampinam Devam
Jagat Karnam Achchutam
A vir Bhutam Cha Shrasta Yadao,Prakru the Purushat Param
Evam Dhayayati Yo Nityam,
Sa Yogi Yoginam Varaha || 9 ||
Namo Vrat Pataye, Namo Ganapataye
Namo Pramatha patye,
Namste Stu Lambodaraya
 Ekdantaya,Vighna Nashine Shiv Sutaya,
Sri Varada Murtiye Namo Namah || 10 ||

Power of Ganesh (6) - "My husband stopped using drugs"

"My husband stopped using drugs"

Name :- Not mentioned
Location :- Kandy

  • After I heard about worshiping Ganesh via feng shui seminars, me also bought a Ganesh statue from a feng shui outlet and started to worship in every morning and evening. By that I have fallen mentally a lot. I am married and have two children. My husband is a businessman and he obtained a higher income. I was shocked after I knew my husband was a drug addicted. Which wife can be happy after knowing her husband is a drug addicted? I was burning with tears almost always. I told him with love to stop this bad work even because of children. Then he accepted to stop but he was unable to do it again. Because he had addicted toughly for drug. I quarreled with him and told but no use of it. I felt that his business was also going down. The business was bankrupting because he spent all money for drugs. I had nothing to do without crying or weeping. I didn't tell about this problem to anyone of my family because of the shame. Since I hadn't got anyone to tell about these worries, I always told about it to Lord Ganesh and chanted all the shlokas, mantras and worshiped everyday. I made 8 wishes pot (how to make 8 wishes pot) and my first wish was the " please stop my husband's habit of using drugs. I usually offered milk rice with jaggery too. I worshiped Ganesh every morning and evening with my little child.
  • After 3 weeks later, one day I heard my husband was calling with one of his friends. Then he said " I'm gonna go to the shop" and drove away. Suddenly after he left home I ran towards Ganesh statue and wept with tears and told " my husband went to bring drugs please somehow stop my husband doing this". I worshiped again and again and requested the same thing. My husband left home at about 6 in the evening but he didn't came home until 8, 9 at night. I was afraid a lot but I didn't have a phone to call him, and I again went to Ganesh and told "please protect my husband and make him come home soon." I chanted the same thing on my bed with my little child about 100 times.
  • It was 12 o' clock in midnight. He didn't came home. I thought that he may face an accident because he didn't get that much late earlier. I didn't sleep even a second. At about 1.00 a.m someone knocked at the door and my husband came home. But I didn't hear any sound of the vehicle. Suddenly before talking to me, ran towards Ganesh statue and took it to his hand and told "God Ganesha saved me". All the merits for you. I wondered a lot because he never worship Ganesh with that much devotion although he had brought red flowers when I told him to bring.
  • The reason is to getting late is, he had gone to buy drugs but the friend who had called him in the evening had given secret information to the police to catch my husband. That friend used drugs also and he had got several friends in police too. Since the police want some cases, they have told this person to find something. When my husband was buying drugs, 3 civil police officers caught him and the drug seller and remanded. He says that he reminded Lord Ganesh a lot when he was in prison. Then at about 12.30 a.m. one of the police officers came and told my husband to go home. He was amazed because no one will release like that without filing a case. He has reminded Ganesh at that time too. But the police kept the vehicle with them. Next day we both went to police and bring the vehicle back. Police officers warned my husband a lot saying that if this happen again he wouldn't get any excuse.
  • After this incident my husband feared and he stopped taking drugs without any warnings from anyone. You know, that a person who has addicted to drugs never will be able to stop that completely. My husband consulted a doctor for about 2 or 3 months and now a days he has been completely apart from drugs. Now he worships Ganesh with devotion more than myself. We both believe that Lord Ganesha is the reason for the success and happiness of our family.
  • Lord Ganesha get all the merits for making my husband a good person.
  • I don't like to reveal my name since my husband and me will have to face difficulties because my husband has done an illegal misdeed.

Ganapati-Ganesh Green Abstract Star Background Wallpaper-1366x768

Ganapati-Ganesh Green Abstract Star Background Wallpaper-1366x768

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ganapati-Ganesh in Pink Abstract Background Wallpaper-1366x768

Ganapati-Ganesh in Pink Abstract Background Wallpaper-1366x768

Ganesh Secrets of Success (12) - Part II - Ganesh Mantra of Success and Avoiding Obstructions

How to Chant

  • Before you are going to chant this mantra you have to be friendly with Ganesh. Otherwise, do not chant this suddenly without any devotion of Ganesh. If you are new to worship Ganesh, do not try out this mantra. First of all you should buy a Ganesh statue (The correct Ganesh statue) and follow all the other methods of worship Ganesha with a great devotion. My blog includes all these secret methods which can be used to be friendly and get the blessings of Lord Ganesh. (Ganesh Secrets of Success). After all these done, you can take the advantage from this mantra of all success. You can follow my blog or refer the above tabs called SECRETS and MANTRA for powerful methods of get the blessings of Sri Ganesha.

At any Time
  • You can chant this Mantra after following above steps in any occasion you want. When you are going to teach letters for the first time for your child, or when you have to walk along a bare or lonely road, or at any occasion you can chant this powerful mantra.

  • The obstructions, troubles and hurdles which have been faced by you will be vanished because of this mantra. Therefore you can continue your important task for the future with a soft routine without any troubles and disappointments. After Ganesh being friendly with you, if you chant this mantra, he will avoid all your troubles and obstructions and develop your inner peace. Ganesh will avoid all obstacles which have been blocked your success and luck. But you have to be an honorable and hard working, efficient person to get these blessings and assistance. Ganesh do not like lazy and bad people. Thus you will obtain Success, Happiness and Victory with the completeness through this Mantra.

Ganesh Secrets of Success (12) - Ganesh Mantra of Success and Avoiding Obstacles

Mantra of Avoiding all obstacles

  • This is a very short and easy mantra but this is very powerful and through this mantra you will be a successful person because the obstacles of your life will vanish. This is can be called the "inaugural mantra" and we already know about Mool Mantra, it can be introduce as the mantra which gives us the attention of Lord Ganesha. (Maha ganapati Mool Mantra).
  • Ganesh have a special ability to avoid obstructions. That is why Ganapati can be introduced as the God of avoiding hurdles or obstacles (Vignaraja). Today the society is very competitive and when we are going to start something we have to face a number of troubles, obstructions and drawbacks. Accordingly we have to stop the task that we started and be disappointed. If we have got the blesssings of Ganesh all those obstacles will vanish and we can find the way of success. Therefore we will be able to reach our goals. For that you only have to do one thing. That is, you should say the above Mantra 3 times before starting an important business or task.

  • "Lord Ganesha, I am praying for you. I am worshiping you. I am requesting your assistance"

An Indian Sami
  • Once an Indian Hindu Sami living in Himalaya, admired this Mantra a lot and he had introduced this mantra as the mantra of success, victory, prosperity, wisdom and popularity.

Reach the Goal 
  • We do everything to reach a particular goal at last. But at present most of the people do not reach their ultimate goal and only few will be successful. Most of them stop their journey in the middle or if they reach the goal most probably they have to suffer from various kinds of troubles. From this easy mantra you will be able to reach your goal easily and softly without any troubles.

First go to Ganesh
  • Before starting a new task or business, go to the Ganesh statue and chant the Mool Mantra with lighting an oil lamp, incense sticks, offering red flowers. Then ask the blessings of Lord Ganesha for your freshly starting work. Then go to the place which you are going to start your task and chant this Mantra 3 times. Chant the mantra before you leave home too. You can chant this mantra in every movement you worship Ganesh. Keep in mind you do not need to chant this loudly. Murmuring is enough. If you want, you can chant loudly.

Saman Rattanaram Temple in Thailand

Saman Rattanaram Temple - Thailand
  • Thailand is a Therawada Buddhist country. There are Buddhist more than in Sri Lanka. Worshiping Ganesh is also popular in Thailand too. There are several Ganesh temples in Thailand and Saman Rattanaram is one of them. Saman Rattanaram temple is very popular and the most attractive part of this temple is the huge pink coloured statue of Ganesh. You can see it in the above image.
How to reach
  • If you travel Bangkok you can visit this temple. This is situated in the city "Chachoengsao". You can browse internet and search more information about this temple. (Saman Rattanaram Temple Chachoengsao)
  • It will take about three hours to reach this temple. If you tell this name to a taxi driver, he will take you to this temple. You will be able to travel by bus or train and you can ask about that from the manager of the hotel you are going to stay. Most of Sri Lankans already have had a visit to this temple. There is another place call "Ganesha Park". I will tell you about it later and you can reach Saman Rattanaram Temple within an hour from Ganesha Park.
 Beautiful Place
  • Saman Rattanaram Temple is situated in a beautiful place. This is a huge sacred place. There are so many Ganesh and Buddha statues here and the Pink coloured Ganesh statue is the world famous. Most people like to take snap shots near that attractive huge statue. There is a small tree and a pond behind this temple. People give food for the fish in that pond and there are number of stalls.

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Power of Ganesh - (5) - "Our only request was to have a baby"

"Our only request was having a baby"

Name :- Gayan Rodrigo
Address :- No:1/140, Pottagala Rd, Udamvita, Veyangoda, 
                 Sri Lanka.
  • "This experience is one of the most important event in my life and that is why I am writing like this. We bought a Ganesh statue after knowing about feng shui and Ganesh. Then we followed all the secret methods which can be used for be friendly with God Ganesh as 8 wishes pot, (secret-way-of-get-assistance-of-ganesh.html#links) , Red flowers (ganesh-secret-of-success-1-1.html#links) , incense sticks, sweets etc. After about few weeks, the wishes in our 8 wishes pot started to click one by one."
  • "Actually, when I started to worship Ganesh I had built my own house and I had a vehicle. But as I requested from Lord Ganesh I was able to pay the lease of my vehicle as a miracle within a short period of time. We could save a large amount of money which should have been payed as the interest. We obtained multiple ways of income and developed them. We both lived happily while helping other family members. My wife and me did all the rituals with a great devotion and belief. Ganesh statue had been settled in the North-East direction of our living room. Feng shui instructor checked my house and said that it is much better if we can keep Ganesh statue in the North-East direction of my house."
  • "Five years passed in our family life but we didn't have children yet. We tried Sinhala and English medical treatments but they were in vain. Because of this reason, we were spending life with worries. In December 2012, my wife and me thought to tell this for God Ganesh and get a relief. Because we had a great trust on Ganesh and we thought that we would receive Ganesha's blessings for our purpose. For the first time we decided to keep Ganesh statue in the North-East direction of our home and offer light. We used Mool Mantra (Maha Ganapati Mool Mantra) to obtain Lord Ganesha's attention."
  • "Just from 31st December 2012 we sang mool mantra and offer all the lights and other stuff in every morning and evening. And we mixed ghee for the oil lamp. Once a week, we offered ghee and jaggery mixed milk rice for Ganesh. Then we continued these rituals by saying about what we want."
  • "At last we were lucky to have a baby. Wonderful and Amazing! I was so so happy. I cannot add that happiness in words to this. In 2nd week of February 2013, we were able to know that my wife was pregnant. Only one month had passed by starting to worship Ganesh and we just received the blessings of lord Ganesh. We promised Ganesh when we were worshiping : as soon as our dreams come true, we will tell all Ganapati devotees about this."
  • "We should not think that all children and students only get the advantages from lord Ganesh. If you worship Ganesh with a great honor and great devotion, all those can make their wishes and dreams come true with the assistance of Ganesh. Lord Ganesha will bless you all in everything. That's the truth."
  • 'When you asking something from Ganesh, promise to help a poor child. Then your wish will be successful but you must act as you promised."